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Maxillofacial Surgeons

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Who is a Maxillofacial Surgeon?

Maxillofacial Or FacioMaxillary Surgeons are clinicians who have the ideal skill set to optimally manage the entire spectrum of head and neck and CranioMaxilloFacial (Head, Jaws & Face) problems in a unique manner that is most beneficial to the patient. This unique skillset is acquired through advanced surgical training which is laid over a foundation of dentistry and medicine.


Common Problems Managed By Maxillofacial Surgeons

Although the scope of an individual practice may vary, but overall the speciality deals with a multitude of problems like
  • Impacted Third Molars
  • Minor Oral Surgical Procedures
  • Advanced & Complicated Dental Implants
  • Major Jaw Surgeries for Cysts & Tumors
  • Facial Clefts & SyndromesFacial Fractures
  • Oral Cancer (Tongue,Lips,Upper & Lower Jaw)
  • Reconstruction Of Oral Cavity, Face & Jaws
  • Facial Pain & TemporoMandibularJoint Surgeries
  • Orthognathic Surgery for Facial Deformity Correction


There is a common misconception in the medical fraternity (even in Medical Supdtts of Large hospitals)  that Maxillofacial surgeons are just Dental surgeons. Unlike any other surgical field, this speciality has undergone massive evolution and transformation in last few decades. As a result many of our older colleagues are still unaware of the spectrum of Maxillofacial Surgery. It is my endeavour and sincere hope that will help in changing the parochial mindsets. Also it might establish a true picture of the ability and competence of Maxillofacial Surgeons.