Frontal Deformity (Post Trauma)

Dear Friends! It's a relatively straight forward case but I am posting it as a Badge of honor and an instance of personal pride. This is because he was brought to me by Neuro-Surgery HOD himself, who incidentally happens to be a Retired Professor from my¬†'alma mater'.Dileep(Patient) had suffered multiple…


Case 6: Crush Injury Face

Dear Readers I hope this is not too gruesome & blood-soaked for you because I had not seen a real eyeball popping out of its socket in somebody alive. I can still easily recall what happened that day...There was a call from casualty that a Facial trauma patient needs urgent…


Case 3: Squamous Cell Carcinoma Palate

It was one of my earlier patients as Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon. This 40year old man was referred by a Dentist friend for the chief complaint of Non Healing Ulcer on palate. The patient gave history of Tabacco Chewing and Smoking since 7 years. Clinically it was a superficial ulcer on…

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